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Your Favorite Books?


summer readingWhich are your favorite books and why?

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  1. emilyeg

    Hmmmmm…faaavorite books? When someone asks me that question, so many books flood forward in my memory that I stumble on getting the titles out fast enough. But I will spare you the incessant listing of titles that only hinders one in remembering any of the titles at all.

    My most recent favorite book is Hunger Games, followed by the other two books in this Susanne Collins trilogy, Catching Fire and Hunger Games. I discovered these books when my son began soaking them up like sunshine. My son is a 12-year-old boy who once disliked reading. Thanks to a wonderful elementary school librarian, he is now an avid reader and seeks out books of interest. It is truly a joy to watch him enjoy reading so much. Since he loved the Hunger Games trilogy so much that he was spending every possible waking free moment with his nose stuck inside their pages, I had to see what was so intriguing about the story. I was hooked after just a few pages into Hunger Games. The story is very well written. It’s realisticly futuristic, adventurous, suspenseful, thought provoking and funny all at the same time. And the kicker is ….. the main character is a ….. GIRL!

    I highly recommend the Hunger Games trilogy to girls young and old, as I found it to be both inspiring yet grounding, tough yet vulnerable, sad and funny. It’s a message about being bold and lovable, and about life not having to be perfect to be worth fighting for; and that’s a message we all need to hear from time to time.

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