A Whole Hour Dedicated To Young Entrepreneuers on Steve Harvey

Co-Founder, Juliette Brindak, from Miss O and Friends joins Steve Harvey as he explores young & successful entrepreneurs on NBC.

Over the years, very simple ideas have turned entrepreneurs into multi-millionaires, but in today’s day and age, technology is completely changing the game and you no longer need a physical product to strike it rich! Steve welcomes young professionals in their 20s who have already made millions, to share the secrets to their success.

  • All hour, Steve explores what we’re calling “The New Rich!” Joining him will be JULIETTE BRINDAK (creator of the website “Miss O and Friends”), JACOMO HAKIM (creator of “Book A Tailor”) and SIMONE SHEPHERD, an internet brand master who gets paid thousands of dollars each time she produces digital content for major name brands. Tune-in to hear how these young entrepreneurs came up with their business ideas and turned their ideas into big bucks!
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Then, Steve welcomes 34 year-old TIM SYKES who took $12,000 from his Bar Mitzvah and turned it into $700,000 by the time he started college! His secret? Investing his money in risky penny stocks! He now works to teach his trade to other aspiring millionaires and has over 5,000 students in 80-plus countries. “Steve Harvey” cameras go inside this millionaire’s Los Angeles mansion to get a glimpse at his lavish lifestyle.
And 18 year-old HART MAIN stops by to show Steve his “strike it rich” idea called “Man Cans.” Hart makes candles out of old soup cans, with scents specifically targeted toward men, like New York Style Pizza, Grandpa’s Pipe, Sawdust, New Mitt and Bacon! He came up with the idea at the age of 13 and now his product is sold in over 150 stores nationwide! Hart’s business also helps to feed those in need by donating 75 cents from every candle to soup kitchens in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan!


“Steve Harvey” is a one-hour daytime show hosted by TV personality, comedian, radio show host and best-selling author, Steve Harvey. Each weekday in his new multi-topic show, Harvey talks to real people with real issues and brings his funny, fresh, insightful and common sense approach to everyday problems. Drawing from his varied life experiences, Harvey entertains, informs and inspires, while covering a vast range of relatable topics such as marriage, dating, finance, parenting, work place issues, friendship and the daily dramas we face throughout our lives, all with his unique comedic spin.

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