Wonder Women Wednesdays: Lauren Hill

Wonder Women

Weekly Wonder Woman: Lauren Hill

Our this week’s Wonder Women is the beautiful Lauren Hill who has two goals: one is to play in her first college basketball game and the second is to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. Sadly, Lauren was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) last year and her doctors have told her that she likely won´t live beyond December. Now, Lauren is using her love of basketball to raise money and awareness for cancer.

Starting with her first college basketball game; which attracted enough people to move the game to a 10,000-seat arena and was sold out in under 30 minutes.

Lauren-Hill-Terminally-Ill-Basketball-Player.jpg, wonder woman

Lauren’s love of the game began in the sixth. After she was given her devastating diagnosis – which is terminal in 90% of the cases in under 18 months – her first question was, “can I still play basketball?…I wanted to wear that jersey and feel like a superhero again, because that’s what I feel when I put on the jersey.”

Lauren-Hill.png, wonder woman

Lauren has even started a campaign called #Layup4Lauren to raise funding for The Cure Starts Now Foundation, a non-profit supporting research on pediatric brain cancer. Inspired by the Ice Bucket Challende, Lauren is challenging others to shoot a layup with the non-dominant hand after spinning around five times – which is similar to how Lauren now throws due to the dizziness caused by the cancer.

We can’t wait to see her campaign start a trend via facebook and youtube.

Will you participate in #Layup4Lauren? Let us know in the comments below.

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