Winter Fashion Trends 2012/2013


I picked out my six favorite winter fashion trends and essentials. Watch to see how I’ve styled them. coat-fur-2013 (1)

This video is all about my winter fashion must-haves. These items are things i think every girl should have in their closet for winter. Don’t worry, i will p…
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  1. GlamStrike

    Hey everyone! I will soon post a video announcing it: but when I reach 100 sub. I will be doing a GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So help spread the word please:)

  2. OriHizkiah

    can you do a video for
    how to make this Braid you did
    it is perfect

  3. Fancy Isabella

    winters right around the corner and i remember the first time i watched this video almost a year ago… and I’m watching it again! getting ready for back to school and I’m thinking of what fall and winter outfits I’m going to need(:
    Thank you so much Tess(:
    you in all honesty make my high school days a whole lot easier! your like the perfect big sister that always has the answers to my questions!(:

  4. Meghan VanDyk

    how r u so pretty??

  5. Rachel Phillips

    U inspired me! 🙂

  6. Haruka Noguchi

    whats her ethnicity ?

  7. flexaclaricel

    Are u hispanic?

  8. Nanna Mathilde

    Could you please do one of these for 2012? 🙂 Love your videos xx

  9. rockingteddyful

    Where are you from? I love your accent!

  10. EmeraldEyes791

    Your braid is gorgeous 🙂

  11. Ana Pereira

    your hair is really nice made:)

  12. KikeLifestyleAndMore

    Oh Girl you are really beautiful, im a guy but i’ll watch your videos because you’re cute (:

  13. TheGreenPocaDot

    How much where your boots

  14. hayleydavis437

    Love your scarves and boots

  15. Britt Speeckaert

    HI i have a question for you in winter i don’t know what to do whit my hair so i hope you can give me some tips (:
    ps.: i love your video’s <3

  16. Gymnastbeauty392

    Yah a agree with britt i never know what to do with my hair plz do a vid

  17. chelsea mercado

    ummm all i was looking at is the tree while you were talking soo i had to play it again lol

  18. Frankie McGill

    Everyone should go follow Fashionlovebeautyxo! She just opened her new account! and will have lots of fashion and beauty tutorials!!

  19. JiYoung Kang

    I Love you so much ^^

  20. Carl Marks

    Hey can you do some videos on those sheer tights you just showed with pencil skirts ans stuff you mentioned please. It would be a nice change from the other tights videos you have done which were the tights that were the thick kind.

  21. 5237chopinet

    where in the midwest do you live? I’m in WI so totally use all of these winter must-haves 🙂

  22. Beth Teehan

    your really pretty

  23. kayleigh5577

    Me and my bff love you. We want you to do a get the look on Nina Martin from House Of Anubis. I will mail you the products

  24. Zoey1D

    I live in Madrid but I know in Barcelona it doesn’t get that much cold 🙂

  25. xxamazingfruitsssxx

    complaining rights to people from canada and alaska

  26. Khan Hatam

    where is from your lipstick’s? 

  27. Brianna blue

    i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your pretty =) 

  28. Jake Youngg

    you are so prettyyyyy!!!

  29. Emily Chapman

    i’ve been wearing fairest nude for forever. I’ve only recently been hearing about it from other you tubers. i’m super excited!

  30. Sydne Summer

    I love these styles for winter! Awesome :).

    Would love it if you could check out my channel as well!


  31. sweetgalaxy17

    u make the best vids!!! i love em all!!

  32. KweenCrusha

    love this video. you are beautiful. subscribed!

  33. whatev2kassie

    Luv ur style Jen

  34. belieberjb13

    Asian people always have the prettiest clothes and fashion. I wanna go to asia

  35. reeshingwithkaryn

    yes! they are so hip

  36. Nugstar nug

    Try Antarctica mwahahahaha >:)

  37. BlackJackShawoll

    Can I steal your clothes?

  38. PopcornMUCH

    What lip colour are you wearing!?

  39. bambamcc91

    She goes to school near me, its like 30-50 degrees in the winter. Very dry cold.

  40. imperfections18

    you could be a model

  41. Shirley Chinley

    Hi Jen, you have some pretty rad style videos and your a pretty big inspiration to me. I just started a new channel so please check it out.. 😛

  42. Javii Gómez

    I want your shoees! *-* And your cardigans!!

  43. Vanshikha Singh

    She sounds like shay mitchell (emily)from PLL

  44. Liva Kukule

    Thank u..<3..u actually gave me some new ideas..;)

  45. Lia D

    I love these outfits thanks for the ideas! I love your channel I’m so glad I found it!

  46. Annie Li

    I love the way you dress!

  47. Unicornseatcarrots

    I know what you mean; I wear these kinds of outfits for spring/fall and sometimes I’m still cold, lol

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