Essentials to pack for your summer vacation

what to pack for your summer vacation

What to pack for your summer vacation, girls listen up!

Hopefully you’re not like Charlie Joe Jackson and have to spend your summer vacation in summer school camp because then you would need textbooks, pencils and notebooks…


With summer is on its way, and we are all getting ready for our summer relaxation time and getaways! Here are some essential things to bring on your summer vacation. You can even win a few too by entering the contest below.

charlie joe jackson book series about summer




There’s nothing like sitting by the pool with your shades on! Show off your style with your choice of sunglasses, too. Just be careful not to get a sunglass tan!


Bathing suit


So you can go swimming and take advantage of the beautiful weather, obviously!


iPod or MP3 player


What better to set the summer mood that some summer tunes? Your music can take you wherever you want to go!


Your favorite book


Sitting outside in the sun with your favorite book? Yes, please! Maybe a book that takes place over the summer? Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation is one of my personal faves! You can win it here!


Flip flops


Don’t you love the feeling of walking in the sand at the beach with your flip flops on?


Sneakers or hiking boots


Even better than the feeling of walking in sand at the beach is the feeling you get while taking a hike or going for a run in the great outdoors!




This stuff is important to protect you from the sun’s UV rays (they can be dangerous!). Make sure it is at LEAST SPF 15! A summer hat could also be helpful for protection from the sun.


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