What is a triathlon, really?


It’s made up of three parts. It’s important to work on all three sections but probably the toughest part is the swimming. So spend extra time there.

For a lot of people the swim is often the area that creates the most fear of triathlons. A 400m swim can be very off putting to non swimmers. If you haven’t swam for a few years/decades start slowly. Some swimming pools are quite shallow, allowing you to stand up at any time, something that will take a lot of the fear out of swimming. Start with short pieces of say 10-15m. If it has been quite a while or you really dont know how to swim call your local swimming centre who will get you in touch with an adult swim instructor.
They will usually be able to get you swimming in only a couple of weeks. The key is to slowly increase your distance and start with broken swimming see the programme for more detail.

The bike leg is the easiest section to get ready for. If you are tired you can always free-wheel. Again start slowly -if you are not confident cycling on the road start by cycling at the local park. A basic mountain bike and helmet is all that is needed. This leg is short so you dont have to do a lot of training to get ready for a 10km cycle (See the programme for more details). If you dont like to go on the roads, another good option is to use the cycles at your local gym.


Yes it is called a run but you can actually walk. There is no rule that says that you must run the whole way -in fact many people will walk all or nearly all of the run section. Make sure that you have some energy at the end so that you can look good as you run across the finish line!

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