Welcoming the Summer with Celebrating

The last two weekends have been chock full of events. Where I live, the summer came in full swing at the last week in May making the last weekend of May, a truly remarkable / splendid one. Of course like most people I spent that weekend outdoors, especially on the Sunday when my son, daughter and I headed off to my son’s school Summer Fayre. It was absolutely brilliant with (of course) bouncy castles, barbecues, horse rides, etc. Five days later, his school celebrated their feast day and we had a nice outdoor family and friends picnic within the school’s grounds. It was another brilliant day and I was almost reluctant to leave my husband and kids to attend a medical appointment which I had scheduled about the same time.

But the real big celebration came yesterday on the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The occasion that was held in London with a 1,000 strong flotilla parading the Thames, was truly remarkable. Yesterday however, the sunshine hid behind the clouds as it poured down with rain but that didn’t bother most people who were determined to catch a glimpse of the royals. I wish I could say that I was among the crowd of fans who took to the streets to view this spectacular sailing event as the royal barge(s) and hundreds of other boats accompanying them, sailed down the Thames river across London, but em…I wasn’t – as the idea of being heavily pregnant and standing under the rain for hours didn’t appeal to me much!


So I made myself cosy in front of the TV at home, made my family a fine feast of fine things, and joined in the celebrating as we ate, drank and watched the event as it was broadcast live. It was a very pleasant feeling seeing all those boats sailing across well known remarkable London landmarks. For me one of the highlights of the occasion was seeing Tower Bridge split open to (ceremoniously) welcome the Queen into London – awesome!

My verdict on the boats is as follows

1st place – The Spirit of Chartwell. This was the boat boarded by the royals which served as the royal barge for the day. Although in terms of it’s actual beauty, I didn’t consider it the most beautifully built boat, it was very beautifully decorated with flowers and most of all, my dear dear Catherine was on board so I had to give it first place.

2nd place – The Gloriana. What a befitting name for such a beautifully built boat with so much historical significance.. This is the official royal barge that was constructed specifically for the Diamond Jubilee celebration and it led the procession. The sight of this beauty rowed by dozens of men was simply breathtaking and I just couldn’t get enough sightings of this particular boat.

3rd place – The belfry boat. This is the boat adorned with eight massive bells. Only a few months ago, it was used as an old refuse boat that carried off dump from the Olympics build site. Yesterday, it was another show stealer as its bells chimed continually all the way down the Thames, calling out to other church bells in the area which pealed in response. It’s good to see the wonders of recycling!

Well, I’m glad to say that my celebrating is still not done as by God’s grace, there’re more events coming my way this month…including half-term breaks holidays, wedding anniversary, hubby’s birthday, and of course Father’s Day!
So watch this space and hope you’re enjoying the beginning of summer too!

Till next time,

Caritas, Linda

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  1. ZooeyD

    Love all this.Wish I could be there. Must be one big party!

  2. Miss O Moms

    Sounds like a jammed packed couple of weeks in London. Hard to believe Queen Elizabeth as reigned for 60 years. Was that longer than Queen Victoria? I need to brush up on my English history.

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