Worlds Toughest Job

mom and daughter

Not every day do I come across a viral video that really hits home. This one in particular talks about the worlds toughest job. What could it be? Did it require a certain talent, a skill, strength, an advanced degree in something I haven’t studied… what?


We all know how hard we work each day at a job, managing the house, dealing with the kids, dealing with the “unknown” – all those things that come up each day that are NOT on your list. The challenges for each day go on and on. Sometimes never seeming to end. Ah, to be bored, once! I can’t remember the last time I felt bored. It doesn’t happen, ever.

mom and daughterSo one evening, my daughter forwarded me this video and all night long, she kept texting me, “Did you watch it yet”, “You will really like it”, “When are you going to watch it?”, “Tell me when you watched it.” I was trying to find 4 minutes to actually watch it. By 11 PM when I was taking the dogs out, waiting and watching them to relieve themselves, I pulled out my phone and clicked on the link my daughter so badly wanted me to see.

WOW! That’s all I could say after watching it. It was amazing and actually while watching it, I thought I had guessed what the world’s toughest job is. Without telling you if I was right or wrong, here is the video that you must watch if you haven’t already received a link from one of your kids.

Happy Mothers Day!




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