Valentine’s Day Crafts

valentine's heart blanket

DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts

Here’s some cute ideas to make for Valentine’s Day!

1. Tea bags!

DIY VDay Crafts2

Supplies: Coffee filters, Scissors, Needle and Embroidery thread, Loose tea leaves, Stapler, Paper for tags (construction paper, old book pages, etc.), optional: Spices (pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, ground ginger, etc.)

Step 1- Cut two coffee filters into a rectangle. I usually just cut off the rigged part.

Step 2- Stitch the filters together on three sides, leaving one of the smaller sides open.

Step 3- Fill the tea bag with loose tea leaves. I use anywhere from 1 to 2 teaspoons, depending on the size of the bag and how strong you like your tea. (You can also add about _ a teaspoon of your favorite spices.)

Step 4- Stitch the top of the tea bag closed. All four sides should be stitched now!

Step 5- Fold down two corners on one of the smaller sides, placing a three- four inch piece of embroidery thread under one of the flaps.

Step 6- Fold the tip of the tea bag down, and use the stapler to hold it shut.

Step 7- Cut paper tags (I suggest a heart <3) and glue, stitch, or staple them to the ends of your embroidery thread.

DIY VDay Crafts

2. Heart Blanket DIY

DIY VDay Crafts3

Supplies: Throw Blanket (you can get a simple one from a store like Wal-Mart or Target.), Martha Stewart All Surface Paint, Paintbrush, Scissors, Cardboard, and Cork.

Step 1- Begin by cutting out various shaped hearts. Add corks to the backs to make a handle for the stamps.

Step 2- Begin adding layers of paint to the hearts and stamping them on to the blanket.

Step 3- Continue stamping until you have a pretty pattern! Touch up any rough spots with a paintbrush.

DIY VDay Crafts4

3. Valentines Heart Trees

DIY VDay Crafts5

Supplies: Cardstock, Glitter, Glass candle holders, Glue gun, Hot glue, Heart punch, Foam cone, Foam hearts, Craft glue. (You can get all of these things from the Dollar Tree and Michaels or any other generic crafting store. Some store have pre-cut hearts if you don’t have a heart punch or just don’t feel like using one.)

Safety Warning: If you are not experienced using a hot glue gun, have an adult help you!

Step 1- Glue your candle holder to the foam cone. Just add a thick layer of hot glue to the top of your candle holder and FIRMLY press the foam cone on the top.

Step 2- Cut your hearts! You can make whatever kind of hearts you like. Felt construction paper, whatever. Have fun with it!

Step 3- Add your hearts! Add a SMALL amount of glue to the back of your hearts and FIRMLY press them on the cone, slightly overlapping the hearts.


Step 5- Add your heart toppers. If you got the kind of foam hearts that come with a stick at the bottom, you can simply leave a small amount of the stick on, and press them into the foam cones. Otherwise carefully glue them on top- or maybe use a tooth pick, or something.

DIY VDay Crafts6

4. Button Heart on Canvas Decoration


Supplies: Paint (I used white and red, but you can use any color you like.), Canvas, Glue, Buttons, Paintbrushes, Painter’s Tape.

Step 1- Paint your canvas. Start by painting your canvas white (or whatever base color you desire.) After the paint dries tape off the stripes with regular painters tape. Then paint in the stripes (I used red) and then immediately pull off the tape.

Step 2- Create your button heart. It helps to lay out your buttons on the canvas first and create your heart freehand. Work until you’re satisfied with your hearts shape. You could also lightly trace out a heart on your canvas and use it as a guide.

Step 3- Finishing touches! Once you have your heart shape, just pick up each button and glue it down with craft glue.

DIY VDay Crafts9

5. Valentine Paper Airplane

DIY VDay Crafts10

Supplies: Printer, Paper, Scissors.

This craft couldn’t be simpler! It’s just one of those old ‘print the PDF and flow the instructions on the paper.’ Get the PDF here:

6. Tissue Paper Heart Wreath

DIY VDay Crafts19

Supplies: Tissue Paper, Ribbon, Cardboard, Glue, Scissors, Tape.

Step 1- Cut your tissue paper into small squares and your cardboard into the shape of a heart.

Step 2- Create your tissue paper heart. Paint glue all over the heart first. Then, scrunch the tissue paper a little and put it on the flue. I started with the outer edge and worked my way in, checking for bare spots. (Make sure you don’t scrunch the paper too much, or it will become a ball. Scrunch it lightly.

Step 3- Finishing touches! You can either leave it as it is, or you can tape some ribbon to the back and make it a wreath!

DIY VDay Crafts18

7. Crayon Hearts

DIY VDay Crafts16

Supplies: Waxed Paper, Wax Crayons, Handheld Pencil Sharpener, Kraft Paper, Iron, Pencil, Scissors, Silk Thread.

Safety Warning: If you are not experienced using an iron, have an adult help you!

Step 1- Begin with a 12-by-16 inch sheet of waxed paper. Fold it in half length wise; unfold. Place wax-crayon shavings- made with the pencil sharpener- evenly but not thickly across one half of the paper. Fold the clean half of the paper over the shavings. Crimp the three open edges with a _ inch fold to hold the shavings.

Step 2- Protect your ironing surface with kraft paper. Place the waxed paper on kraft paper and cover it with another piece of kraft paper. Iron lightly on medium heat, checking every few passes. Stop when all of the shavings have melted and let it cool.

Step 3- Trace and cut out hearts of various sizes. String each heart with silk thread for hanging.

DIY VDay Crafts17

8. Heart Bookmark

DIY VDay Crafts13

Supplies: Heavy Card Stock, Decorative Paper, Utility Knife, Glue Stick.

Step 1- Create a template of a heart, about 1 _ inches wide.

Step 2- Cut out with a utility knife, and trace onto heavy card stock.

Step 3- Copy it at 80 percent, cut it out, and trace onto decorative paper, such as wrapping or origami paper.

Step 4- Cut out both hearts and use a glue stick to secure smaller patterned heart to the center of the larger one; let it dry.

Step 5- Finally, trace bottom half of inner heart with a utility knife, cutting through card stock beneath. Then your valentine can slip pages between the hearts!

DIY VDay Crafts14

9. Heart Shaped Soap

DIY VDay Crafts12

Supplies: Nonstick 9-inch Square Pan, Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter. Glass Measuring Cup, Glycerin Soap, Bench Scraper, Soap Colorant or Food Coloring, Spray Bottle Filled With Rubbing Alcohol, Cutting Board, Needlenose Pliers, 1/8-ince Metal Letter Stamps, Masking Tape.

Step 1- Depending on your equipment, yields may vary. To determine how much glycerin you’ll need, fill the pan with water to _ an inch below the height of your cookie cutter; pour water into a measuring cup. Record amount; discard water.

Step 2- Cut soap into small pieces with the bench scraper and fill the measuring cup .Microwave on medium heat until melted, then stir. Add soap and heat until you reach the water amount. Add colorant and stir. Pour the liquid into a pan. Spray with alcohol to eliminate bubbles.

Step 3- Let harden at room temperatures for two hours. Freeze for ten minutes.

Step 4-Turn upside down onto a cutting board. Create soaps with cookie cutter; pull the cutter out with pliers if it sticks. Tape stamps together to form words, and imprint on soap, applying light, even pressure.

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