Unplug, just enough


Meet two entrepreneurial women who found a solution to a common problem. And it’s fashionable!

Unplug, Just Enough

We live an always-on life, bombarded by constant digital distractions.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to put your phone away and fully engage at work, at home, with friends—or recharge your own batteries every now and then?  With MEMI, you can unplug just enough and still have peace of mind that those who need you can still get through.

Women miss phone calls all the time because, unlike men, we don’t have a convenient place to store our phones. Our purses are like black holes – they make it impossible to hear the ringer or feel the vibration when our phones are on silent.

MEMI allows you to put your phone away and be 100% in the moment without worrying you’re going to miss something important—while still looking stylish.  Gone are the days of apologizing because your phone is out on the dinner table or visible during a business meeting.


What does MEMI do?

MEMI will notify you of the following:

  • All incoming calls or incoming calls from select people
  • All text messages or text messages from select people
  • Reminders for calendar events

How does MEMI work?

MEMI uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your iPhone. With our MEMI app, you can customize who “breaks through” to your bracelet.  For example, your bracelet can vibrate for all calls or for select callers that are important to you – like your boss, babysitter, parents, or significant other.  In addition, you can set notifications for calendar events so your MEMI can let you know when to wrap up a meeting or when to head to the next one.  You can easily change your settings at any time.

Additional features:

  • Three distinct vibrations – a different vibration is assigned for calls, texts, and calendar alerts
  • Discrete side button – a small button to turn your MEMI on and off.  Additionally, to confirm your MEMI is on and connected to your phone, simply press and release the button; MEMI’s LED will light up.
  • LED light – a tiny light located next to the button to indicate when you turn your MEMI on and off, when you go in and out of range, and when it is charging
  • Double tap motion sensing– to quickly stop vibrations from an incoming call, simply tap MEMI twice; MEMI’s LED will light up
  • Hidden Micro-USB port – a micro USB port hidden within the clasp for charging and software updates
  • Long battery life – your MEMI will hold a charge for five days, on average, depending on how many calls and texts you receive each day
  • Compatibility – iPhone 4S and up (MEMI is not compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, or Palm phones at this time.)


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