The Success of a Trust Journal


It’s not always the easiest to talk with your daughter about issues that she… (well)… that she just doesn’t want to talk to you about. Read this story about a Miss O & Friends member starting a Trust Journal with her mom and how it has brought them closer.

By ocean7

1370620952_trustjournal_lgMy mom and I made Trust Journals. I was in bed and couldn’t fall asleep because I had something happen at school. My mom could hear me tossing and turning. I was too scared to tell her what happened. My mom talked me into writing my problem down and promised me that if I did, she wouldn’t yell at me or say a word. At first I was scared, but I wrote it anyways. It was so weird because it felt so good to write it down and my mom didn’t get mad at me! She actually helped me with my problem and then told me something similar happened to her when she was my age too! That’s how the Trust Journal started and now I can tell her almost everything knowing that she can’t react!

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What do you think about Trust Journals? Would you start one with your daughter? Do you already have one? Tell us in the comments section! 

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