The Importance of the Flu Vaccine

importance of a Flu Vaccine

Now that we are deep into the winter months, this unfortunately brings with it the likelihood of an increase in the number of influenza outbreaks across the country. In fact, research shows that flu cases are most common in January and February, so we hope that you took the time to get the vaccine during Fall.

We were sent this very interesting infographic from Union Quay Medical Centre in Ireland, which highlights some key information about flu and the flu vaccine. It pinpoints common flu symptoms and also the main differences between flu and the common cold, two different conditions which are often mistakenly perceived to be the same thing. It also includes a list of those who have the greatest need for flu vaccination.

Our thanks to Maria O’Driscoll from Union Quay Medical Centre for sending this to us. Take a look at this really useful infographic below.

flu vaccine

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