The healthy french fry. Really?

A healthy french fry

Make sense to go to Burger King to get “healthy” food, or should fast food stick with their “unhealthy” fast food?  Not sure I’d go to one of these places expecting to get a “healthy” meal. Well that is about to change, maybe…..

Everyone seems pretty excited this week about Satisfries, the new lower-fat, lower-calorie french fry at Burger King—no one more so than the characters in the first commercial for the menu item.

The spot, from Mother New York, shows food shots of the new crinkle-cut fries before transitioning to action shots of people eating them—a family, a firefighter, a boyfriend and satisfries-hed-2013girlfriend, a farmer type. They all seemingly can’t believe how amazing the new fry is—how life changing.

“New Satisfries from Burger King,” says the gushing male voiceover. “A delicious new choice with 40 percent less fat, 30 percent less calories and big taste. Cut from whole potatoes, fried to perfection, to satisfry our lives. The heroes. The lovers. The everyman.”

The spot ends on a “cool guy” who’s burning out his tires like a jackass, as his girlfriend, “Tammy,” celebrates the fries in the passenger seat by screaming with her arms in the air. BK’s goal, the voice adds, is to “just satisfry everybody.”

If the spot is quirky, so is CMO Eric Hirschhorn’s way of describing how Satisfries will help you eat better. “You live in Manhattan and might be having a kale smoothie on your way to work this morning,” he tells The New York Times. “But a lot of people don’t even know what kale is, and if they do, they don’t want to eat it. You have to give people what they want.”

Satisfries, which have a coating designed to be less porous and absorb less oil, will cost 20-30 cents more than regular fries. We’ll see if consumers want them badly enough to pay that small premium.

“The Healthy French Fry”? Worth a try? What do you think?

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