The Baby-Sitters Club is Back!

The classic Baby-Sitters Club series maybe have a new look, but the stories are still just as timeless and perfect for girls today

I hoped that Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and I – the Baby Sitters Club – would stay together for a long time.

– Ann M. Martin, Kristy’s Great Idea

With 131 books, plus 122 Little Sister in print, and multiple other spin offs including The Kid’s in Mrs. Coleman’s Class and California Diaries, it’s no wonder The Baby-sitter’s Club became one of the most popular series for tween girls.

According to Scholastic editorial director David Levithan, who at the age of nineteen began working on the series as an intern, “Girls have always connected with The Baby-sitters Club [because] they feel it’s real. It’s not amped up, action-packed drama or mythology or something that has no bearing on their lives,” he says. “And reading the books now, it’s amazing how relatable it all still is.”

620x330-BSC-Graphix-buy-booksWhether it’s experiencing your first kiss in the “Tunnel of Luv”, coping with divorce or learning to live with diabetes, any girl – or anyperson for that matter – can understand and connect with the trial and tribulations of middle school life, experienced by Kristy, Claudia, Stacey and Mary Ann.

And now those same novels that tweens devoured throughout the 90’s have joined the vast world of graphic novels.

That’s right! Claudia’s flashy, and borderline ground-breaking sense of fashion, Kristy’s leadership skills, Mary Ann’s sense of organization and Stacey’s boy-crazy personality are back in comic book form.

Written by award winning writer Ann M. Martin, and illustrated by author of the graphic novels Smile, Drama, and Sisters, (all #1 New York Times bestsellers) Raina Telgemeier, The Baby-sitter’s Club graphic novels are stepping back into the world of Stoneybrook with the same brilliant cast of characters, as the club copes with feisty toddlers, personal issues, and the ups and downs of friendship.

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