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Teenage Pregnancy: Advice on how to tell your baby’s daddy you’re pregnant

How you tell the baby’s dad depends on a load of factors: how do you feel about the baby’s father, are you certain who dad is, and how much support or involvement are you expecting from him? For these reasons it is a toss-up as to whom you should tell first: the baby’s dad or your parents. Telling girl friends is somewhere very low on the priority list. While you may feel most comfortable telling your best friend, she is not likely to be the most productive source of help.

teenage pregnancyHopefully, telling your parents first will give you the benefit of their additional life’s experience to draw upon when you break the news to dad and his parents. This is especially true because it is recommended that you not worry your potential teen father with the news unless you are positive beyond any doubt that there is news to tell. Your parents can help you get to a doctor and confirm your teen pregnancy before you go to the baby’s daddy.

If you decide to tell dad on your own be prepared for anything. Your boyfriend might not take the news in any way you could possibly anticipate. The emotions of a teenage boy receiving the news from his teenage girl that she is having his baby will range from one end of the spectrum to the other. He could panic, be happy, deny his paternity, get angry, blame you or just shut down showing no measurable emotion at all.

How to Tell the Baby’s Daddy you’re pregnant

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