Taylor Swift 2013 Red Tour Tickets Available

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A favorite performer for most tween/teen girls and their parents is Taylor Swift. Her Spring tour is starting soon, so here’s a place where you might be able to snag some tickets at a good price before it’s sold out.

Online concert ticket retailer, Ticket Center is currently running a promotion for tickets to the Taylor Swift 2013 Red Tour. Buyers can get 5 % off their ticket purchases for the Red Tour when using promo code “swift05” at the time of checkout. Featuring shows throughout the United States and Canada, people can use this promotion to see their favorite performer and musician at a discounted rate.


As one of the most popular country pop stars in the nation, and the world, Taylor Swift continues to gain fans both young and old for her melodic tunes and relatable and touching lyrics. Swifts latest album, Red, was highly anticipated and has been widely received amongst fans around the globe.

Celebrating the release of her new album, the Taylor Swift 2013 Red Tour is scheduled to run from March 13, 2013 through September 21, 2013, with 58 shows in 45 cities throughout 29 states and three Canadian provinces.

English singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran, is also joining Swift on the Red Tour. Given their joint popularity, Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran are expected to draw large numbers of concert goers, potentially selling out Red Tour shows very quickly.

TicketCenter.com is offering Taylor Swift tickets at a discounted rate of 5 % off. In order to secure the best possible seats, the site is urging customers to purchase their Red Tour tickets as soon as possible.

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