Taking the time to care

Time to care

I saw a video recently that melted my heart.

It’s about a guy called Nick Vujicic (you can find out more about him from www.lifewithoutlimbs.org and how one day because he bothered to stop and speak to a girl who appeared lonely, he saved her from suicide!

I know this is a hard topic so I won’t dwell much on it, rather I’ll dwell on the positive side of the story. As I watched the video I couldn’t help but be inspired to carry on my course for writing my series about TOMY the boy who’s determined to be great in life and a series of books that help children believe in their self worth and identity.

I also became very grateful for the Miss O & Friends online network where girls can come together and make safe and sound friendships and really become a part of a community that’ll build them up into strong focused young ladies.

You see for me like I’ve said earlier, Tomy’s story is about encouraging our children to dream, believe and LIVE! His quest for greatness is not unique, every child truly has it within…just cast a glance back at your childhood hopes and dreams. What happens to us and most kids is that somewhere along the line something happens that completely rattles or shakes our faith. It’s like a dark pillar of cloud that rises before us, stares us in the face and then DARES us to dream.  I recall the story of Joseph (with the coat of many colours in the Bible).  His brothers soooo hated his coat – a sign of his father’s love for him – and his dreams – which were so high and lofty – that they decided to get rid of him completely and sold him as a slave. So Joseph as a teenager of about seventeen, was thrown into a mess. The dark pillar of cloud rose before him, stared him in the face, and dared him to dream! But dream Joseph did in defiance. He not only DREAMED, he also BELIEVED his dreams and as a result, he was able to LIVE his dreams!

Pondering on what kept him going, I guess it was the experience of his father’s love for him. A love that had built his self confidence and given him a self of identity and purpose.

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