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How to train for a triathlon

woman running by water

After my spinning class today, I had the chance to speak with a very fit woman who is a “professional” triathlete. She arrives to spinning class a bit late after ...

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5 Quick Workout Tips for Working Days

Workout Tips for Working Days

While a regular workout routine is an essential part of reaching your weight-loss goals, there will be times when your job or other obligations get in the way of exercising. ...

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Morning Workout: Kick Start Your Day

Morning workout

  Enjoy a pre-workout snack: After a night of sleep, you need a little something (not a full breakfast!) before you exercise. On any Phase, have a low-fat or nonfat plain Greek ...

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Restorative Yoga: Why Should I Do It?

restorative yoga, meditation yoga, yoga for recovery, yoga for meditation

I have been feeling a little off these past few weeks. Working too many hours, grinding too many reps at the gym, and suffering a bit of a personal set back. ...

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How To Find Joy In Exercise And Fitness

exercise, fitness, running

Finding joy in exercise and fitness. Exercising and working out is not the best things one can look forward to. Basically, it is not what our bodies ask for and ...

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4-Week Get-Back-in-Shape Workout

Follow this walking plan to break out of your no-exercise slump. By Christine Mattheis   Winter weather may have left you frozen to your couch, but don’t let the hiatusdiscourage ...

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7 Minute Workout With Alli Simpson Starts Now!

Alli Simpson

Workout with Alli Simpson! It only takes 7 Minutes and you’re set for the day! Yay… thanks to the Workout with Alli Simpson, you don’t need to burn your breathe for ...

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3 Ways to Stick to Your Spring Workouts

spring workouts

It’s not always easy to stick to your Spring workouts, even though you have been thinking about doing that all winter long. So now that the weather is getting warmer, ...

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