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Is it Allergies or a Cold

is it an allergy

Do you get the sniffles around the same time every year? While it may be a common cold, you could be suffering from seasonal allergies. Either can cause coughing, sneezing, ...

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10 Questions no Mom likes to hear

questions for moms

The 10 Questions No Mom likes to Hear While being bombarded daily with small-talk questions about children and parenting may be an inescapable side effect of motherhood, there are certain questions ...

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Combat Viruses and Bacteria With Immune-Boosting Foods

orange peel, peeling an orange

Combat Viruses and Bacteria this season In the Northern hemisphere, its now peak time for flus and colds, which grip millions of Americans each year. And contrary to common belief, ...

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Olive oil protects against strokes

Consuming copious amounts of olive oil may dramatically reduce stroke risk for older adults, according to a population-based study. Heavy use in cooking and dressings was associated with a 41% ...

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Shot@Life Campaign


Dear Friends, This Mother’s Day, I woke up to three children with a breakfast tray and a framed photo of our family with hand-written quotes about moms and how much ...

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Richardson Cancer Diet

cancer diet

The Richardson Cancer Prevention Diet Hi. I am Dr. Janet Starr Hull. At this website I introduce you to the late Dr. John Richardson, M.D. and his pioneering work in the ...

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