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4 Types of Bullying Solutions

solutions for bullying

Bullying Solutions As you can imagine, when your child is being bullied, there is not one singular solution for all situations.That said, you can tailor your child’s solution more effectively ...

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How to prevent bullying with friends

How to prevent bullying with friends It is an odd twist of fate we see and hear about all too often: friends turning on friends in order to become more ...

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The Wonderful World of Autism

Neuro Developmental Pediatricians, special education, therapy sessions, Persons with Disabilities These are some of the words I first heard when I learned that I have two kids with autism.Sidney and ...

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Stopping Bullying In Schools: Consequences are Effective!

cyberbullying phone

Bullying in schools While bullying prevention programs are critical, schools are really lost when it comes to treating the immediate, acute and ongoing problem: active bullies. There are literally hundreds ...

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We Must Stop Bullying: Parents Are Taking Their Lives As Well

what is cyberbullying

We must stop bullying. A harsh and extremely unsettling headline, right?  Unfortunately it is true.   This type of double tragedy simply should not be.  In this deeply saddening case, ...

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DIY Room Decorations

room decorations

DIY Room Decorations Create your own dry erase board! Show off your individuality and creativity, share your thoughts, favorite quotes, favorite moments of the day, and more! Check out these ...

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Dylans Candy Bar… a sweet tooth’s dream

Dylans Candy

Have you ever been to the most famous candy store in the world? Or maybe in NYC? If not, it’s definitely worth the trip into the bustling city of New ...

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Stopping Bullies From Tormenting Your Child: Key Steps For Parents

stopping bullies

When parents or members of the media ask us: “What are the most important steps to take if one finds out their child is being bullied?” It is really simple, ...

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