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9 Reasons to Feel Great (Not Guilty!) About Being a Working Mom

Working Mom

     You’re a working mom. That very likely means you’ve left the house nearly every dayfeeling guilty about your decision to be a working mom. “Am I selfish for ...

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A Teen’s Perspective: Cleaning my room

cleaning my room

Cleaning my room The first mission I knew that I needed to accomplish upon returning from college between semesters was cleaning my room. For years, my room has been a ...

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How to Build a Home That Boosts Self-Esteem

Build a Home

Image Source: Shutterstock   They say charity begins at home, but so do a slew of other qualities: compassion, chivalry, and, most importantly, confidence. Between bullies and the overly critical ...

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Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing

By Discount Debbie I like a really clean car. Don’t get me wrong, my car isn’t always clean, but I wish it were. This last time I wanted to get ...

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Perennial gardeners welcome!

I am obsessed with flowers! I draw them, plant them, pick them. Just can’t get enough. I’m desperate for making  flowers bloom all summer. Living in the northeast, need some ...

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12 Home Maintenance Tips To Keep Things Running Smoothly

home cleaning tips

Home maintenance tips that are worth reading. Just like your precious car, your house and your property needs some fine tuning. It’s a little time consuming, but your house will ...

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The Worst Places in the World

worst places in the world

What are the worst places in the world? Ever think of moving somewhere so you can live longer? Did it ever cross your mind?  Is there really a difference by ...

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8 Essential Home Refreshers to Tackle This Summer

Essential home refreshers Nothing says summer like lounging by the pool, firing up the grill, and taking care of routine home maintenance. OK, so home maintenance isn’t at the top ...

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