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8 Best Lifestyle Tips To Help You Turn Your Life Around

best lifestyle tips

We consider that technology is our best friend, but the truth is that it only adds to the daily stress we all experience. The more we are connected to all ...

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Makeovers for Fall / Winter Dinner Recipes

fall dinner recipes, winter recipes

Makeovers for Fall /Winter Dinner Recipes It’s so easy in Spring and Summer to grill some meat on the barbeque, steam some corn, and put together a nice salad of ...

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14 Skin Care Tips and Tricks

skin care

You Didn’t Know You Had To Follow I’ll be the first person to admit that proper skin care isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Taking care of your skin ...

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How To Deal With Frustration

big bang theory procrastination

How To Deal With Frustration Life is full of frustrations. From the minor irritations of losing something to the major problem of continued failure towards a desired goal. Since many ...

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Consumer Reports: Supplements Dos and Don’ts


Dietary Supplement 50% of Americans take vitamins and supplements, according to government surveys.  Some have proven benefits, but Consumer Reports ShopSmart has a heads-up: There are other popular vitamins and ...

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Sleeping Beauty: Our Bedtime Beauty Plan

bedtime beauty

Follow our easy bedtime beauty plan and wake up to smoother skin and healthier hair Sleeping Beauty When you’re winding down at the end of the day, let your beauty ...

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How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle for girls

healthy lifestyle for girls

How to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle for girls Adopt a healthy lifestyle: The best beauty secret to glowing skin and lush, shiny hair? A healthy lifestyle! All the beauty creams ...

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