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The actually HEALTHY foods to eat

speed your metabolism, carrot

I don’t understand why, or to whom has been the one ringleading everyone to believing that certain foods are good for you, and leaving out the actual good foods. Whoever ...

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A Teen’s Perspective: Should your family buy a pet?

buy a pet

Should your family buy a pet? Have your kids been begging and begging you to buy a pet, or better yet, their first pet? I know my sister and I did ...

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Great Greek salad recipe

greek salad

Great Greek Salad Recipe I came across this greek salad recipe and it’s so easy and so delicious every time. Salads in my opinion should be easy or don’t bother. ...

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Create Great Pizza Recipes Using Inspiration

Create Great Pizza Recipes Using Inspiration Conduct a search for pizza recipes and you will be overwhelmed by the number of responses that are returned. How is a person supposed ...

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Did you know

Did you know that letting your daughter explore her own style and her own interests could help her develop a positive sense of stability and can also build her relationship ...

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7 Ways Helping Kids to Cope When a Parent Leaves Home

helping kids learn

7 Ways Helping Kids Cope when a Parent leaves Kids say the darnedest things, but they may not say anything at all during times of stress. When a parent leaves ...

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Scrapbooking Your Family Recipes

Scrapbooking your family recipes

I recently came across a neat idea of scrapbooking your family recipes. The person, who created it, took her family’s favorite (and famous) recipes and created a scrapbook out of ...

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Enjoy walking your dog during the cooler months

couple walking dog, animals, dogs

Enjoy walking your dog in this cooler time of year The dog days of summer may be over, but now we’re left to enjoy all the pleasantries of fall: pumpkin spice, crispy ...

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