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A Teen’s Perspective: Cleaning my room

cleaning my room

Cleaning my room The first mission I knew that I needed to accomplish upon returning from college between semesters was cleaning my room. For years, my room has been a ...

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Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing

By Discount Debbie I like a really clean car. Don’t get me wrong, my car isn’t always clean, but I wish it were. This last time I wanted to get ...

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12 Home Maintenance Tips To Keep Things Running Smoothly

home cleaning tips

Home maintenance tips that are worth reading. Just like your precious car, your house and your property needs some fine tuning. It’s a little time consuming, but your house will ...

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Make an Eco-Friendly Home and Save Money

eco-friendly home, air drying dishes in your kitchen

Make your eco-friendly home and save money by reducing the amount of energy your family uses. It will require changing both your habits and your house. But with government incentives ...

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8 Essential Home Refreshers to Tackle This Summer

Essential home refreshers Nothing says summer like lounging by the pool, firing up the grill, and taking care of routine home maintenance. OK, so home maintenance isn’t at the top ...

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Stinky Houses

stinky houses

Stinky Houses Does your house stink? If it does you could be sabotaging your chances to sell or rent your home. You can test this for yourself by going outside for at least ...

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Common Life Hacks


Who knew things could be so simple? Read these common tips and tricks- they may change your routine forever! There are tons of tips, tricks, and hacks that make life ...

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Homemade Cleaning Agents


How many times have you set out to do domestic duties and found yourself out of the right product for the job? Don’t postpone the task. Instead, brew your own ...

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