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Awesome Painted Nails

painted nails

Painted Nails Here’s a great way to do your nails! I call it Awesome Painted Nails. Find your most favorite color and then add these items to create this cool nail design. ...

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5 DIY Projects You Can Gift

Make your own gifts

Winter is a good time to do some fun DIY projects at home. We’ve searched for a few that really caught our eye here.  We have found that mason jars ...

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DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas

jelly bean bracelet

DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas  Check out some DIY jelly bean crafts below! Get creative, have fun and you get to eat your creations when you’re done. As long as ...

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Make this Useful Belt Hanger

crafts, arts and crafts,

  Use this funky belt hanger to stay organized in style with this Craft Of The Day. Unlike other rack-style belt organizers, you can customize this holder to fit your needs ...

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Easy and Inexpensive Home-Made Gift Ideas


About 3 weeks ago I started wondering about buying gifts this year and as exciting as the thought was, the worry of getting enough money really got to me! I ...

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DIY Pencil Jar

arts and crafts

DIY Pencil Jar  You know that extra jar your mom has in the kitchen? Why don’t you turn it into a cool colorblock jar for containing your pencils! DIY pencil ...

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Make Your Own Cookbook

Make Your Own Cookbook

Make Your Own Cookbook Make your own cookbook to keep your best recipes efficiently organized. A DIY cookbook also makes for a wonderful homemade gift. Making one is extremely simple ...

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Rain-Tabulous: rain coat for kids

rain coat, raincoat, girl in yellow raincoat

One rainy afternoon I was trying to think of something to do. Then it hit me. Why not fab a drab raincoat? It’s Rain-Tabulous! A great craft idea: make your own ...

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