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Kids in the House addresses Bullying issues

cyberbullying phone

CEO and Founder of Kids in the House, Leana Greene interviewed foremost experts on bullying, including Rosalind Wiseman, Ross Ellis of Stomp Out Bullying, Danielle Matthew of Empowerment.Space, and Tina ...

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6 Ways to encourage your child’s creativity: Inspired by Raina Telgemeier

“If you want to make comics or any kind of art…don’t let anyone stop you!” 1. READ Okay, it sounds pretty obvious, but some of the most popular series out ...

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On Being a Girl

being girl

Being A Girl Being a girl can be very tough. Like, really tough. And many girls get anxious and worry too much because of these things. I’ve recently read a ...

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How Girls Are Seeking (and Subverting) Approval Online


It’s not a law that you have to post a selfie before, during, and after every activity. But for kids, it’s pretty much mandatory. The resulting likes, thumbs-ups, and other ratings all ...

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Celebrating Moms Every Day!

Thank you, moms, for all you do! Not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! We can survive the world because of all you have taught us and the love ...

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Wonder Women Wednesdays: Alissa Manning

Wonder Women, donating hair

Wonder Women Wednesdays: Alissa Manning 19 Year Old Alissa Manning Chops Hair and Gender Stereotypes There are thousands of stories of girls cutting off their hair, donating it to cancer ...

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Essentials to pack for your summer vacation

what to pack for your summer vacation

What to pack for your summer vacation, girls listen up! Hopefully you’re not like Charlie Joe Jackson and have to spend your summer vacation in summer school camp because then you would ...

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How to get rid of zits fast!

girl washing her face

How to get rid of zits fast! Don´t you hate it when a huge zit pops up on your face? Well, as tween and teen girls, I´m pretty sure we ...

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