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Weight Control, Try This No-Diet Approach!

Weight Control

Weight Control, Try This No-Diet Approach! Whittle away calories — a little here and there Discover doable ways to scale back without feeling deprived The formula for weight control and ...

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7 Tips to Make Exercising Fun

woman dancing

An eager puppy can beg you for exercise. Those wide eyes and wagging tail say: “Walk me! Walk me! Walk me!” Your heart can’t make that same plea — but ...

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Are you Helicopter Parents with your kids?

become a better parent,mom and daughter hugging

Helicopter parent is an excellent description for an over protective parent. If a real helicopter constantly hovers above you, you will get uncomfortable. So will a child with a parent that hovers the entire time. The best gift you can give to a child is self confidence. A confident child will be an independent child.

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5 Quick Workout Tips for Working Days

Workout Tips for Working Days

While a regular workout routine is an essential part of reaching your weight-loss goals, there will be times when your job or other obligations get in the way of exercising. ...

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Morning Workout: Kick Start Your Day

Morning workout

  Enjoy a pre-workout snack: After a night of sleep, you need a little something (not a full breakfast!) before you exercise. On any Phase, have a low-fat or nonfat plain Greek ...

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Good Role Models For Young Girls

It probably wasn’t too long ago that your daughter’s pop culture obsession was trained squarely on Dora the Explorer. Now, she’s into Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. And ...

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Should Kids Have Cell Phones and Digital Devices?

Should kids have cell phones?

Should kids have cell phones? A question that comes up in every parents mind in today’s technology-filled world. Parents want their children to have all the resources our digital era can ...

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Girl Talk: I like this guy, but I feel so awkward

Girl Talk: I like this guy, but I feel so awkward Question from peace_people on boys: So there’s this guy who likes me and i can’t stand him but how do i tell ...

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