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Shop with Nordstrom Promo Codes and Save!

nordstorm coupon code,

Nordstrom promo codes Save Up to 75% off Anniversary Sale + Free Shipping For centuries we always went to a brick and mortar store to fight the crowds and daze ...

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Juliette Brindak: social website & tween brands entrepreneur

Juliette Brindak

Tween brands entrepreneur Juliette Brindak is now a 25 year old entrepreneur; cofounding Miss O and Friends—a social website and brand for tween and young teen girls.  Enjoy the interview by Grace Brentano from UChic. What ...

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Natural Makeup Tips for Tweens

natural makeup tips

Natural makeup tips for tweens Many young girls ranging from ages 9-11 ask themselves: “When do I start wearing it?” “What do I use?” “How much is too much?” All of ...

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8 Essential Home Refreshers to Tackle This Summer

Essential home refreshers Nothing says summer like lounging by the pool, firing up the grill, and taking care of routine home maintenance. OK, so home maintenance isn’t at the top ...

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How to Forgive

how to forgive someone

how to forgive It’s not always easy to forgive someone, but we are all human and we all make mistakes. How to forgive is a talent we all need to ...

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Bedtime Stories for the Youngest Children of Divorce

children of divorce

Children of Divorce reading guide Are you having a hard time telling your little one (pre-school through second grade) about your divorce?  Are you searching for the right words to ...

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Why Not?

why not book

You can get the whole book here.   

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Stinky Houses

stinky houses

Stinky Houses Does your house stink? If it does you could be sabotaging your chances to sell or rent your home. You can test this for yourself by going outside for at least ...

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