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Once just a popular term, the word “selfie” has made itself legitimate after it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013 and it has legitimate benefits too! Research shows that taking a selfie has many positive effects. It is an empowering act that celebrates regular people and allows a person to control their image online. They take it, they post it, and they have the power to choose how they look.

 This is why Miss O & Friends is running the “Super Selfie Contest: Show Us Your Most Confident You!” Pamela Rutledge PhD, an adjunct professor at the Massachusetts School for Professional Psychology, finds that selfies are a feel-good outlet for girls to express their emotions and personalities by chronicling their lives in a creative way. “Selfies allow you to be the producer, director, curator and actor of your own story. In this new relationship with yourself, you’re using creative expression to show not just how you look in that shirt, but how you feel in the moment. It’s an interesting progression in communication, like telling a visual story.”

Super selfie contest

 The Miss O & Friends “Super Selfie Contest” will run from Friday March 21 through April 21, 2014. Miss O & Friends wants girls to show off their confidence by uploading their pictures and sharing with their friends for voting. There will be one grand prizewinner who gets a $100 gift card and Miss O goodies with three runners up who will receive a $25 gift card, Miss O goodies and funny props for those silly selfies to come (mustaches anyone?!?). Adding more selfies and voting a lot increases your chances to win. Girls can enter and vote on

 Dr. Rutledge states that “if a young girl poses provocatively and gets 300 likes for that photo, that’s false sense of self-esteem for that kid,” which is why Miss O & Friends has taken measures to prevent that. Firstly, every picture that is submitted goes into the administration of the website, where it is approved to disapproved based on content and appropriateness. This goes hand in hand with the COPPA compliant policy that Miss O strictly enforces, 100% protecting their users. Similarly, girls are unable to see how many votes they have. Only the admin will see that. This ensures that it doesn’t become a live popularity contest and girls aren’t basing their self worth on the amount of votes they get. Instead, when girls upload a picture, it’s a small burst of pride and they give themselves a little shout out by showing off what they are confident about. The contest also provides girls tips to taking the perfect selfie emphasizing appropriate angles, highlighting your favorite feature and not fishing for compliments because “the prettiest girls are the most confident ones.”


This is the first program of 2014 apart of the Miss O & Friends Real Girl Initiative to highlight, promote and encourage real girls doing real things all over the world. Currently Miss O & Friends applauds tween and teen girls in their “Girl of the Moment” Program, where girls share their accomplishments, no matter how big or small, for the chance to be featured on the website.


Miss O & Friends ( is a lifestyle socialization brand for tween and young teen girls aiming to build self-esteem. The tween years are crucial for girls because what happens during this period can set the stage for the rest of her life. We want to create a safe environment where girls can just be themselves. By providing 100% COPPA compliant CARU certified socialization, our members have built a community of girls who offer advice and support while having fun and communicating about everything in the “girl world.” Parents trust us and we want to be the first website that girls are shown when introduced to the big, bad world of the WWW. The site has over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors with a growing international audience and includes games, quizzes, articles, music, contests, and much more. The company has a team of girl interns and with most of the content generated by members, we’ve created an authentic and genuine space “by girls, for girls.”


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