Stylish Organic Products Sizzling for a Cool Savvy Summer

mind body techniques,organic beauty products

Organic Products

Whatever your favorite summer activity, spending time with Mother Nature is a popular choice. Stylish Organics has new summer earth friendly products and a list of suggestions that will have you enjoying your time out-of-doors while keeping it healthy for yourself and for the environment.

mind body techniques,organic beauty products

Following are their suggestions:

Suggestion 1- Protect your skin and the environment: Use an organic full spectrum sunscreen and insect repellent. “When choosing, read the label,” recommends Lynn Lavanga owner of the online boutique. “Most sunscreen products are made with over a dozen potential cancer causing chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and washed off into lakes and oceans causing environmental damage.” Organic or all natural insect repellents and sunscreens are easily biodegradable. After a day in the sun, it is also important to rehydrate you skin with an organic or all natural skin moisturizer.

Suggestion 2 – Stay hydrated and snack healthy: Re-usable lunch kits and water bottles made from stainless steel are a great choice for carrying water and snacks. Unlike non-biodegradable plastic containers which take a large amount of energy to produce, the production of stainless steel leaves a very low carbon footprint. It is also 100% recyclable. Re-use of plastic increases the chance of chemicals leaching into the contents. And plastic can never be washed thoroughly enough to discount formation of bacteria, creating a health concern. Very hygienic, stainless steel has no surface pores to capture bacteria.

Suggestion 3 – Keep cool: To beat the heat and stay earth friendly, choose clothing made from sustainable or organic fibers. Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton are breathable, hypoallergenic, comfortable, and easy to clean fabrics. Hollow hemp fibers keep heat away from the body and the moisture wicking and antibacterial properties are perfect for warm weather wear. Organic cotton clothing is considered a no fuss fabric and is a good choice for people with skin allergies. Organic and sustainable growing methods avoid the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides eliminating residual chemicals on clothing fibers and avoiding contamination of ground water and soil.

Suggestion 4 – Create a healthy environment when entertaining summer guests: Summer is a great time to support your local organic farmers market. Fresh seasonal organic fruits and vegetables make summer recipes tastier, healthier, and environmentally friendly. Remember to take along a reusable shopping bag. Whether entertaining on the deck or an inside porch, bamboo dishes and utensils create an elegant green lifestyle table setting. Dont forget the mood lighting with soy candles!

Suggestion 5 – Have fun playing: Summer at the beach is prime time for building that sand castle! Perfect for the job is a sand play set made from environment friendly materials that reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions. Going to the lake instead? No worries with a toy tugboat made from recycled plastic milk containers. Or, take you K9 for a bit of frisbee play with a float-able disk made from ecofriendly materials. Wherever you go carry all of your stuff in a beach bag or tote made from recycled materials.


For more summer earth friendly products, visit the Stylish Organics website. Like them on facebook and look for the special FAN offer.


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