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Straight Hair, Healthy Hair

Straight, healthy, beautiful hair

long hair, woman holding her long hair,You’ve seen the hair-do of your favorite celebrity: smooth, long hair that’s been styled to perfection flowing elegantly down her shoulders. You’ve asked yourself, “how ever did she get such a divine hairstyle?” So you bury your nose deep in those fashion magazines and click away furiously at the ‘net, trying to discover the secret to her long hair. And then you hit it: the flat iron hair straightener.

About Hermine Brindak

Hermine Brindak
Hermine's got her pulse on tween and teen girls and the moms who've got them! She co-founded, along with her daughter, a website solely devoted to tween girls called MissOandfriends.com, with the mission to help young girls build self-esteem.

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  1. cafelatte

    I use a hair straightener about 2 x per week. I love the Sedu brand. Doesn’t destroy my hair and makes it quite shiny. I do condition my hair once a week too.

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