Stopping Bullying: Most Important Tips

How to stop bullying

When Your Child Is Bullied: Real Solutions for Families:  A book for parents by parents (


By: J.E. DiMarco and M.K. Newman

Tip List:

  • Do not tell your child to ignore the bullying
  • Reassure your child that he/she will be protected and you will not stop until there is a complete solution in place
  • Document all facts of each instance of bullying
  • Develop a plan to stop the bullying with the school. Work respectfully and collaboratively, but aggressively with the school to develop a plan. Make certain you, as the parent, lead the solution and play a very active role.
  • Use all of your community resources:

a.     School social workers/guidance counselors
b.     Teachers
c.     Superintendent
d.     School Board
e.     School nurse
f.      Therapists/psychologists
g.     Coaches
h.     Members of law enforcement
i.      Attorneys


  • Act quickly, comprehensively and early.  The longer the bullying goes on, the more difficult the situation becomes for your child and your family.


  • There are real solutions that work, be persistent


  • Never: allow your child to participate in “peer to peer resolution”, this only re-victimizes the victim and angers the bully

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