Steve Jobs, my hero

I’ve been using a Mac since the late 80’s. As a designer, it was a “no brainer” that you had to learn how to design and illustrate on a mac or else! Or else what? Or else you became obsolete in the design world. As much as I loved to paint, draw and get my fingers dirty, I had to make the switch. My art became ” computer generated”, my design work became endless color versions of the same design in a matter of minutes! No more french curves to make fonts, no more markers to design layouts and comps, well, all you had to do was print them out with a color printer, no more silk screening. The Apple Macintosh completely changed the art and design world and me!   Mac became my new medium.

Once I invested in my first Quadra (wow! remember that one?),

The Quadra, the coolest computer at the time!

I was on my way to developing great design work and fast! Every couple of years Apple came out with something new so I would scrape my money together to  buy the best I could afford at the time.  That was the “rule of thumb.”Apple kept me current.

I was always trying to convert my non-design friends to get a mac, including my husband, but most time there was always an excuse. I wanted everyone to know how great the experience was with using such an amazing machine. Well some converted… the lucky ones.

Designing ads, packaging, products, illustrating, now websites has all been the result of using a Mac, my most cherished purchase, that truly has paid for itself over and over. I wonder what I would be doing now if the Mac was never created…

Thank you Steve, for being in my life and making such a difference in the world we live in. You were the best and will go down in history as an American hero.


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