Spooky Halloween decorations for your entrance way

halloween decorations

Spooky Halloween Decorations

Halloween entryways run the gamut — some homeowners compose pumpkins, gourds and hay in a pretty fall display, while others have fun making their guests navigate faux headstones and spiderwebs. Will you be welcoming your trick-or-treaters or weeding out the fraidy cats this year? Decorations that aren’t specifically Halloween-themed will last through Thanksgiving.

Spooky halloween decorations on the porch

Starting with the front of the house, surprise and delight your guests with a spectacular Halloween entrance. Adorn your front door with seasonal and appropriate spooky Halloween decorations. One idea would be to frame the entrance with dried corn husks and seasonal garlands of oak leaves. These are best prepared at least a month in advance. The gruesome scarecrows are made from dried ornamental gourds.  These were painted white, with features added in black marker pen or paint, and then speared on sticks.  The spectral scarecrows are then secured in foam blocks inside decorative urns or large plant pots.


Mystical Halloween Lighting Ideas

lit pumpkinsHalloween is one night of the year where creating an appropriate atmosphere for your party is hugely important.  You need to transform your home completely, if it is to become a believable crypt, vampire castle or monster lair.  Traditionally, at the centre of spooky Halloween decorations are the grotesque carved Jack O’ Lantern, it is customary for these to take pride of place.  There are easy to carve with basic kitchen utensils (do save the flesh for tasty seasonal soup or spicy pumpkin pie).  Single lanterns look striking but even more exciting are whole clusters of them, or suspended pumpkins grouped together to spell out a message.

Carve a dozen or so pumpkins for a mystical look for those trick or treaters. It may take some time and creativity but the final effect is worth it!


Light up Your Pathways with Tin-Can Halloween Lanterns


For these super spooky Halloween decorations you will need: recycled tin-cans, a drill with 3.17 mm drill bit, screws,

wooden stakes or broom handles, black, white and orange spray paint and a ready supply of candles.

STEP 1:  Wash the cans and remove labels

STEP 2:  Fill cans with water and freeze.

STEP 3:  Drill holes through side of cans and one in center of bottom.

STEP 4:  Remove ice and spray-paint the cans.

STEP 5:  Drill a hole in top of stakes and hammer stakes into ground.

STEP 6:  Place cans on top of stakes, aligning holes, and screw cans to stakes.

Finally, drop in your candles and light them for a simple but stunning lighting effect that is usable year after year!!!


What are some of your ideas for decorating your entryway, mantel or tabletop this month?


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