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special girl

Check out our latest special girl: Girl of the Moment, on MissO.com


Meet our newest “Girl of the Moment” contest winner! She’s awesome! Gives all of herself to help others. Tell us some of the amazing things you have done lately and be our next winner.

Hi! My name is Bindy and I am 12 years old

I really hate to see others suffering, but i love helping them! In 2012, I shaved my medium long hair for the world’s greatest shave and raised just 

special girl

over $500 for the Leukemia Foundation. I also did the 40-hour famine without talking :). I never, ever litter and try to be as nice as I possibly can, even when I’m a bit grumpy. I have been bullied a lot because of how I look, and it got worse when I shaved my hair, but I just ignore them, unless it’s someone else getting bullied. Then I will stand up for them, and make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Look for me on the site. My screen name is Crazy1273.

You can type in her screen name in the search area under login button on MissO.com to find her posts.

Enter here to become the next one! Make sure you pass this along to your tween!

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