Sick- need a home cooked meal delivered?

Have You Ever Wanted to Organize Meals for a Friend after a Birth, Surgery or Illness?

It’s called Meal Train. One of the most interesting sites I’ve come across in a very long time.

This is what a meal train is all about!

In 2012, Andrea Harman discovered that she had kidney autoimmune disease which meant immediate hospitalization and then 3 to 6 months of chemotherapy. “By the end of the day, my son and daughter desperately want playtime with daddy when he gets home,” says Harman of her husband Kevin, a teacher. “With meals being delivered, he doesn’t need to put time or energy into preparing a meal. He can give his attention to the kids.”

meal train

A friend of mine who has been treated for cancer in the hospital for over a month is now home. Her best friend decided she needed to be “fattened up”, so she started a Meal Train. I got the notice in my email, checked it out and there are 59 other women offering to make her a home cooked meal. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness¬†of these 59 women. It’s a great way to give back.

Check out Meal Train.

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