Sharks Attacked

By Treehugger14

Man-eaters! Killers! Monsters! As your reading this you’re probably thinking about the deadly man eating monsters known as the shark, but have you ever just stopped to admire the beauty of these amazing creatures. You probably think I’m crazy and that sharks are deadly animals that feel no regret when they rip the limbs off of people. However I can promise you that if you knew the facts about these magnificent creatures you would think differently. 

The main reason people are scared of sharks is because of the movie “Jaws.” When Jaws hit theaters on June 20th 1975, it forever changed our view on the great white shark and all other sharks for that matter. The reason this movie was so terrifying was because it was a real, living creature.  It wasn’t some made up monster like a vampire or a werewolf.  Their slogan ‘”Don’t go in the water” inspired people’s fear of sharks and has continued to this day. Even 30 years later people still believe that sharks are dangerous, deadly beasts from the deep. 

At the turn of the twentieth century, some believed that there had never even been a shark attack.  Their was even a cash reward sent out to any one who could prove they were bitten by a shark.  This money, however, was never claimed. 

“Jaws” is not the only factor that changed people’s perception of sharks. In 1916 a rogue shark began attacking swimmers along the New Jersey Shoreline.  This story actually helped inspire the movie for “Jaws,” and viewer’s fears. 

 You might not be convinced yet. You may still think that sharks are deadly. What I just said does not prove that sharks aren’t deadly. To be honest sharks can be deadly. What most people don’t understand is that we cause them more harm then they do to us. 

In one year more than 100 million sharks are killed due to shark fining. Some people may say this is good and that now that there are less sharks, there will be less shark attacks. But do you know how many people are killed each year by sharks? Only about 5 people are killed each year by sharks. 100 million to 5, that’s a pretty big difference.  In fact, you have a better chance of being killed by a falling vending machine then being killed by a shark. You have an even better chance of being killed by a falling coconut and an even bigger chance of being killed by a falling icicle. 

The main reason sharks are killed is for their fins. The act of shark fining is a cruel and barbaric act. They pull the shark onto the deck of the boat, and slice off their fins. Not wanting to waste precious cargo space, the fisherman throws the body back into the ocean. Unable to swim, they slowly float to the bottom of the ocean where they die an agonizing death.  

Although shark fins are the main reason people fish for them, there are other reason they are hunted.  Shark teeth are used for jewelry, shark jaws for tourist souvenirs and shark skin for leather belts and wallets. Shark cartilage is also used for capsules and powders for phony medical products (which will make you even sicker) and shark liver oil for cosmetics and skin products. 

The reason for this increasing demand for shark fin soup is the money. One bowl of shark fin soup can cost $90. That’s right! You could be paying $90 for a tasteless piece of meat.  The only reason people like shark fin soup is because the fin has a certain texture to it. In fact, one pound of shark fin is worth $328 on the black market. When it’s worth that much their are people willing to do anything to get the precious fins.  

Hong Kong is the main supplier of Shark fin soup. The problem is that it’s very difficult to govern the oceans making it almost impossible to stop shark fining. Only a handful of countries are against shark fining and sharks are not globally protected. 

Already more than 90% of the worlds shark population has been wiped out. Their declining population has threatened the marine ecosystems around the world.  They have helped to shape the worlds oceans for more than 400 million years and are crucial to ocean life.  It has been estimated that in 10 years the entire shark population will be wiped out, but who really cares, after all their all just man-eating, deadly, beasts. 


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