Scrapbooking your family recipes

Hey girlz of misso! I’d like to share a very good idea with you guys. The other day I was so bored and did not know what to do so I saw an empty composition notebook, and I started to wonder, “well, gee what should I do with this? Should I make it my journal/diary or something else?”

Then I had an idea about a scrapbook. I took cute pictues off google images and my self portraits and made a cute scrapbook.


The materials you need are:
Some Avon magazines, or vogue or whatever kind of magazine you guys read and cut out pictures from them, go to google images at and type girly things and a whole lot of results will come.

Print out a few pictures, take out some ribbon and glitter and create the girliest scrapbook.

Written by very talented Miss O and Friends Club member, Amayara.

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