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Ace Your Base, Save Your Skin

What’s the best way to save your skin?

Skin Care Tips, save your skin

First you must ask yourself “What’s My Skin Type?”

Normal: Smooth with small pores. The driest areas will be your cheeks and while you may notice a bit of shine on your forehead it’s never excessively oily.

Dry: Your face feels tight every time you wash it and can also be sensitive. It looks dry and sometimes flaky.

Oily: Shiny, especially on the T-Zone of forehead, nose and chin. Its spot-prone with enlarged pores. Common during puberty.

Combination: Oily on the T-Zone with dry patches on your cheeks.

Sensitive: Can be easily irritated by make-up and other beauty products, and is prone to blotchiness and redness.

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