Safe Facebook for girls?

Yes, there is a safe “Facebook- like” application out there and it’s called
About Me.

Since many of our girls who visit our girls site, Miss O, are under 13 and cannot have a Facebook page OR their parents don’t allow them to, even though they are 13, This is the solution!

Easy way to accept friends


Just a few badges you can earn

We developed a 100% safe place for girls to friend other girls who are members on the Miss O site, make friends, design an avatar, display their emotions via adorable emoticons, display their “likes” in easy drop down menus, show off their badges, share their favorite places on the site to others and decorate their page… whew!! All that and more on the way! Girls post on our Wall (aka girl2girl wall), all posts are screened by real people prior to posting! Yes, real people! No software for that.

Click on  ABOUT ME and see what I’m talking about. Once you sign up and log in you’re ready to go!

Moms, no more worrying who they are talking to online. We guarantee their safety and their fun 100%! What could be better than that?

Super cool!



Co-Founder, Creative

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One Comment

  1. cafelatte

    My daughter has been playing on this section of the site and absolutely loves it. She’s only 10 and can’t have Facebook so this is a perfect solution. I really love the fact that everything is screened by real people before it gets posted. What an awesome concept.

    Thank you people at Miss O for making this for young girls.

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