Researching your family history

How to research your Family history:

The most useful resource would be a government database. Nowadays almost every government provides Internet access to personal data, which can be used to research the history of a family.  

It is always helpful to collect a number of information beforehand to avoid confusion with a different family, even if this family carries the same last name.
Once some basic data has been collected, for example from grandparents or other senior relatives, the basic search words can be input and the results should be compared with the already known data.  

There is a difference between Family Name History and Genealogy. Family Name history always refers specifically to the name itself, its origin and development over time. It explains why people have certain names and if there is a Coat of Arms available and most likely it will show you the latter as well.

However, a Coat of Arms is always a reward to a person of that family and is not directly linked to the name itself. Coat of Arms are signs of recognition for a person, which fulfilled certain deeds for their kings, were honourable members of the community, or brave soldier.  

Genealogy provides information to a certain branch of a family, which carries the same name. It is the sciences to track down you direct ancestors and is basically the next step to research your own family history. That research takes time and patience, but is a rewarding task. The Internet is a great resource tool to access databases for detailed information. There are a number of websites available, which provide basic information for free, or more detailed ones for a membership or fee.


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