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Raising girls as Princesses

Raising girls as princesses, right or wrong?

Raising girls as Princesses

Of recent, I’ve been thinking a lot about Princesses and kingdoms – I guess mainly because my present children’s book that I’m working on is one of such tales. The story is presently at the illustration stages and as this stage progresses, it’s so exciting to see these vibrant images bring my story to life!

I was inspired to write the book one day as I watched and observed the actions of my daughter who was then a couple of months old. Being my second child and first girl, I was and still am intrigued by how different her mannerisms are to my son’s. I call her ‘princess’ because I truly believe she is one. Aren’t all our daughters?! I know in today’s world, girls only dream of becoming princesses and especially here in the UK many single ladies desire that somehow by some stroke of good fortune, they’ll get to marry the very eligible Prince Harry so as to bear the title of Princess or have some other royal affiliation. It’s hilarious and a joke to many but to some others, it’ll be a real dream come true!

For me, the more I think on this my real desire is that I could – even if by means of a story – imbue in our young girls the reality that they’re princesses. This would perhaps change their entire mentality and in turn their disposition towards life. They would hold their heads high in self esteem, self knowledge, self worth and self love. But above all, if we could through our words and example imbibe our young girls with the true qualities of a princess: a generous hand, a loving heart, a kind soul and a cheerful spirit, how much they also would transform the lives of thousands around them.

So let’s transform this ‘wishful thinking’ of our young girls into a REALITY that they can live and give.

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