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It was a bitter sweet day for us when our book, “When Your Child is Being Bullied; Real Solutions for Parents, Educators and Other Professionals” was released.  How we wish we were not part of the 25 million families that had to deal with bullying but we were not so lucky. As we struggled to find solutions during our journey we knew there were literally millions of parents in the same difficult situation.  Which is why we decided to write the book. Our primary goal was and is to help parents find solutions quickly.  Our own experiences stopping our children’s torment, combined with working with schools, a good deal of research and expert counsel, allowed us to formulate specific solutions for a wide variety of situations and specific steps designed to help others, so they can move beyond the torment  of bullying quickly.

Like most parents we did not want to discuss our bullying issue with any other parents for fear that they would think that there was something “wrong” with our child or that our children would be ridiculed further.  We are frequently asked what was “wrong” with our children who were bullied.  It turns out there was nothing wrong with our children, but there was something definitely not right about the behavior  of the bullying child and his motivations. Our best advice is to act quickly, calmly and respectfully, but with equal parts passion and determination . Do not let your child’s bullying become viral.  Bullying behavior  tends to be infectious in a school, don’t let this happen. Do not give up until you have the right solution for your family. Let us help.

We are happy to report that both of our families have survived and are thriving in every way; we have even become closer for the experience. We are here to help.
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  1. joyce crawford

    Don’t wait for bullying to happen. Be PROACTIVE. Superintendent of Schools Greg Darling, Humboldt, Iowa, reported fewer incidents of bullying after teachers in grades 2 – 8 read and discussed DON’T CALL ME MICHAEL. This chapter book is a story about bullying, friendship, and forgiveness. DON’T CALL ME MICHAEL is vehicle for classroom discussion to encourage students to talk about what is really happening in their school environment. A great way to begin your school year, this book will provide students with the opportunity to be part of the solution to bullying issues. An activity packet with project ideas and questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy is available upon request from the author.
    Check out my web site at Books can also be ordered from Tate Publishing or on Amazon. An e-book edition is also available.

    1. solutionsforbullying

      Absolutely. Prevention is the key. Thanks Joyce

  2. admin

    Bullying is such an issue these days starting as young a 6 years old. Make sure you welcome our new bloggers to the site and take a look at what they have to say. It can be very helpful to all of us moms!

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