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A Montessori education for your child

Have you considered a Montessori education or considering sending your child to one? Or do you also want to practice Parenting the Montessori way? This article will give you some tips on how to achieve this at home with your child.

Some people might not agree with this kind of parenting, thinking it’s unrealistic, deprives your child, and has no structure. But actually it is a very natural way to bring up your child and about time, time to let your child explore their little world around them.

Being a Montessori parent is not about giving your child the latest gadget or the latest expensive toy. It is about observing and guiding them in everyday rituals and routines. Children at a very young age are eager and capable to act independently. You should encourage your child to take self care through out the day. Your home environment should support this by having as much as possible at your child’s level, i.e. furniture, utensils, shelves. When your child is encouraged in their everyday routine they will become independent.

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Here are a few more things Montessori parents can do with their child.

Let your child take some responsibility in preparing their meals and helping themselves to healthy snacks. These should be placed at the child’s level.

Take walks with your child, walking at his/her pace and stopping and letting the child explore and ask questions about his/her surroundings.

Limit watching TV. When you do, watch it with your child so you can answer questions and discuss about what is being watched. Try to replace watching TV with activities where your child will be involved and not just an observer.

montessori education

Give your child responsibility from an early age with household task such as putting their toys away after they have played with them, putting their dirty laundry in the wash basket and help clearing the table after a meal.

Hope this has given you some insight to parenting the Montessori Way. Take the time to research parenting the Montessori Way and when you have implanted this method in your home, you will enjoy and take pleasure in the time you spend with your child as a “Montessori” parent.

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