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Awesome Painted Nails

Painted Nails

Here’s a great way to do your nails! I call it Awesome Painted Nails. Find your most favorite color and then add these items to create this cool nail design.

This is what you will need:

nail polish

1. A cup of tiny milliliter beads

2. Some craft glitter (because it makes everything better!)

3.  3 nail polish colors

4. A toothpick

5. A strip of fabric the size of your nail

For my pinkie, I put 1 color on the tip of my nails, and another on the remaining part of my nail. On my next nail. I painted the last nail color fully on my nail. With the toothpick, I dipped it into a different nail color, but one of the three, and I dotted it onto the nail. The third nail was when I painted a nail color on, and while wet I sprinkled the glitter on. Sparkly! The fourth nail is my favorite! After painting on one color, I dipped into the cup of beads. Thumbs up! This time, I painted on the color, Then put the strip of fabric on to look like a stripe. I hope that you like them!

painted nails

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