Advice On Anger Management for parents

mother and daughter talking

Have you ever had the urge to give your kid 5 across the eyes because he/she is giving you lip? Have you ever felt so exasperated by your child’s ‘childish ...

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21 Filling Low-Carb Recipes With No Meat

lasagne all veggies

credit: Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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7 Tips to Make Exercising Fun

woman dancing

An eager puppy can beg you for exercise. Those wide eyes and wagging tail say: “Walk me! Walk me! Walk me!” Your heart can’t make that same plea — but ...

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Is it Allergies or a Cold

is it an allergy

Do you get the sniffles around the same time every year? While it may be a common cold, you could be suffering from seasonal allergies. Either can cause coughing, sneezing, ...

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Delicious potato latke recipe

potato latke recipe

Delicious potato latke recipe In celebration of Rosh Hashana or Hanukah, check out this delicious potato latke recipe. As someone with Celiac Disease, I picked a gluten-free recipe that does not ...

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Grilled Rack Of Lamb Recipe

rack of lamb

Grilled Rack Of Lamb Recipe Looking to make your rack of lamb different than normally roasting it in the oven? I came across this recipe that I tried the other day ...

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6 Other Things You Can Do With Your Shampoo

other ways to use your shampoo

You probably won’t need to ever buy another product again! Shampoo is no longer exclusive to your bathroom shelf so grab your bottle and prepare to be amazed, because did you ...

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How to train for a triathlon

woman running by water

After my spinning class today, I had the chance to speak with a very fit woman who is a “professional” triathlete. She arrives to spinning class a bit late after ...

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