• top-superfoods

    8 Top Superfoods You Need Right Now

      Eating a wide variety of delicious whole foods, including vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legumes, lean protein, and healthy unsaturated fats is key to getting ...

  • Working Mom

    9 Reasons to Feel Great (Not Guilty!) About Being a Working Mom

         You’re a working mom. That very likely means you’ve left the house nearly every dayfeeling guilty about your decision to be a working mom. R...

  • New Mom Money Saving Tips

    As a new mom you have a lot to get to grips with and even more to look forward to. There are a lot of new things to experience but there are also a number of anxieties that re...

15 Fake Foods You are Probably Eating

fake foods

Are You Sacrificing Real Ingredients for Convenience? As we race against the clock in our overscheduled, fast-paced world, convenience often trumps common sense. Although we know that processed or fake ...

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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Family Media Diet

media diet

You balance their meals, so why not their media? Learn the secrets to a well-balanced media diet. Many parents struggle with exactly how much screen time is OK for their kids. ...

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Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Love chocolate cake anytime of the year? Here is a super easy chocolate cake recipe that you should try. The chocolately taste mixed with the moistness of the cake is ...

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11 Olympics-Themed Pool Party Games to Play This Summer

olympics 2016 pool party games

Whether you’re trying to come up with a lively birthday party theme or just an excuse to gather friends, this summer — with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games just weeks ...

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Awesome Painted Nails

painted nails

Painted Nails Here’s a great way to do your nails! I call it Awesome Painted Nails. Find your most favorite color and then add these items to create this cool nail design. ...

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7 Natural Cures for Your Adult Acne Hiding in Your Kitchen

honey is good for acne

Why to spend a fortune on expensive creams and treatments when you can learn how to get rid of acne and get clear skin with these natural cures found in ...

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A Perfect New Book for Middle Schoolers

The League and The Lantern by Brian Wells The League and the Lantern is the first book in a new adventure series for middle-school readers. It all starts when a ...

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A safe and bully-free site for tween girls

safe sites for girls online

Help spread the word about our 100% safe and bully-free site for tween girls! If you are a parent of a young tween or teen girl and worry about where ...

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