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Being A Girl

being girlBeing a girl can be very tough. Like, really tough. And many girls get anxious and worry too much because of these things. I’ve recently read a book called ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg (it’s really a great book – you should read it) and it’s about a blogger girl (blogging under the name Girl Online) who seems to have so many problems in her life. And she made a blog post all about the things that teenage girls usually get anxious about. There’s a list of 10 things and I’m going to list them out for you guys! They are:

  1. Everybody seems to expect you too look great/perfect all the time.
  2. This is probably going to make you very anxious and will definitely coincide with your hormones going crazy.
  3. Which leads to you getting annoying spots all over your face and making number 1 totally impossible.
  4. This also coincides with the first time you’ve had the freedom to buy chocolate whenever you like (and now number 3 is also completely impossible)
  5. Suddenly everyone cares about your clothes and what you wear.
  6. And what you’re wearing has to look perfect too.
  7. And then you’re supposed to learn/know how to pose like a supermodel all the time.
  8. So then you can take a selfie in your ‘Outfit of the Day” (which, surprise surprise, also has to look perfect)
  9. You should then (according to the rules of Girl-dom) post this on social media for all your friends to see/judge.
  10. And you’re also supposed to be wildly attractive to every human being around you (especially BOYS) while dealing with all of the above!


Puh-lease. No wonder so many girls around the world have anxiety issues nowadays! And I’m pretty sure that every teenage girl out there (or pre-teen) feels that having to achieve all of the above to be a ‘girl’ is absolutely stupid!

sad-girl, being a girl

And I hope (along with Girl Online – from the book I was talking about) that one day, when all girls across the world realize that we feel the same, we can all STOP. Just STOP pretending to be someone/something that we are not.

That we be awesome.

Signing out,

CookieAndCreamLove :)xoxox

An original article written by a girl for Miss O and Friends.


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