11 Olympics-Themed Pool Party Games to Play This Summer

olympics 2016 pool party games

Whether you’re trying to come up with a lively birthday party theme or just an excuse to gather friends, this summer — with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games just weeks away —provides the perfect opportunity for some Olympics-themed pool party games.
olympics 2016 pool ideas

The Summer Olympics are particularly empowering for young women, as strong female athletes in sports such as gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and track receive substantial international media attention. It can serve as a great opportunity to encourage the young women (and men) in your life to be active.

Depending on children’s ages, swim skill levels, and how far you want to take the theme, there are seemingly endless ideas for games and activities. Here are 11 of our favorites:

1. Relay Races: Divide into teams, and use diving sticks as batons to pass between racers. Not every race needs to be a swim stroke; add in variations like running through the water. Especially great for larger groups with varying swim skill levels.

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