Having good Nutrition

berry salad

Having good nutrition…

means not only eating well but thinking about food in a healthy way. We all hear how important it is to eat a “healthy diet”,berry salad right? Well as you get older, and your friends, you’ll start to see how we all start to age – some more than others. Obviously, this could be for all different reasons, but the fundamental reason is what you put in your body.


Next time you go reach for that plate of fried “whatever” with the salty fries and “special sauce”, think twice! It will make a difference in the way you feel big time!


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  1. cafelatte

    I think just eating “real” food and staying away from anything processed is the best start to eating healthy. It’s pretty easy to do. I’ve done it and already lost 5 pounds without even trying. Processed food has a lot of corn syrup and other additives, that I am convinced put on the weight. I call them hidden ingredients.

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